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If you are catching your flight from Suvarnabhumi Airport and have 2-3 hours to spare, this trip would be worth your while. Our Destinations included Hua Takhe Old Market and Wat Suthapot in Lat Krabang area.  

Apart from cozy eateries serving delicious meals, there are also stores offering Pad Thai noodles and trendy coffee shops like the Na Lat Krabang homemade café known for its shaved ice treats, the Si Yaek Huatakhe Café and a guesthouse in a century-old building.

In the evening, you have the option to go canoeing in the canal alongside cats from the guesthouse.


The journey on the boat is a practical action to assist in cleaning up the canal by collecting rubbish.

If you choose kayaking, you can experience the village vibe. If you collect over 10 pieces of trash from the canal, you will get a discount too.


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Hua Takhe Market is the ancient wood market by Pravet Burirom Canal. Inside the Hua Takhe old market, you will experience a unique atmosphere of the old times and the simple life of villagers.  There are shops, traditional grocery stores and community knowledge centers to visit.

The market is famous for its art due to its close location to Bundtpatanasilpa Institute’s College of Fine Arts, resulting in the community being adorned with street art. There is an additional exhibit featuring art pieces. Furthermore, art workshops are arranged by the community for drawing, painting, and creating various crafts like embroidery, sculpture, and woodwork


Travel: Only 10 minutes from Hua Takhe Market
The most beautiful peaceful and popular public temple in Lat Krabang. Wat Suthapot Temple is located at 39 Chalong Krung 8 Road, Chalong Krung Road, Thap Yao District, Lat Krabang District, Bangkok. It is only 15-20 minutes away from Canalis Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel by boat.

Thai Boat Museum

There is a boat museum, where 116 Thai Traditional boat are stored inside the temple. These boats are used for the ceremony of Tak Bat Phra Roi each year.

Chiang Saen Buddha Statue

Thai people usually comes to Wat Suthapot to pray Respect to Chiang Saen Buddha Statue. The Statue is original from the north of Thailand

Canalis Package includes

  • Long Tail Boat Roundtrip

  • Visit Huatakhe Market & Wat Sutha Pot

  • Refreshing Towel

  • Drinking Water

  • Watermelon Smoothies

  • Pad Thai

  • Flower, Incense sticks, Candle to pray respect to the Buddha

  • 2 Hours Duration of Tour

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